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Pakistan: Massive 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Pakistan

Massive 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Pakistan

Pakistan: A couple of days back tremors were felt in parts of North India. However, this lasted around 15 to 30 seconds and no causalities were reported. Now a massive earthquake measuring a magnitude of 6.6 shook parts of Pakistan. As per the US Geological Survey, the earthquake hit the country of Pakistan in the early hours of Wednesday morning. There was no immediate loss of life reported or damages that happened due to the quake.

Many districts of Pasni, Turbat, Gwadar districts were affected by the earthquake. The epicentre of the quake was around 90 KM south of Turbat, Pakistan as per the Geo News. The USGS said, “The epicenter of the tremor was around 90 km south of the town of Turbat, just off the coast at a depth of 10 km below the seabed,” said the USGS, which initially estimated the magnitude to be 6.6.” another devastating earthquake measuring 7.3 magnitude killed thousands and left them homeless was reported back in 2005.  A decade later in the year 2015 once again a quake killed several from Pakistan as the quake was spread over many South Asian Countries.

Massive 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Pakistan

Massive 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Pakistan

However, there were no immediate reports of any fatalities or damages that arose from the earthquake hit areas. The tremor was centred amidst the Gwadar, the Chinese operated the port and the city of Pasni which is located in the Baluchistan province. The strong earthquake managed to rock the neighbouring country of Iran too. The USGS said, “The shallow quake struck at 3:03 am, with an epicentre just 23 kilometres south-west of Pakistan’s coastal city of Pasni.”

The district of Paso is estimated to be populated with almost 400,000 people. There were earlier quakes too across Pakistan which is a seismically active area. The country extends over the Eurasian and Indian Tectonic plates meeting point.  The place is situated on the Arabian Sea Coasts called the Mkran Coast which is around 450 km distance from Karachi. The quake was felt at around 3.03 am early on Wednesday morning. People were seen running out of their homes in a panic of the felt tremors.

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